Short Sale Mitigation, LLC is the ONLY third party negotiation firm in New England that can also give CEU credits to agents wanting to understand and gain more knowledge about short sales. We have been negotiating short sales since 2010 as a company and also Nick and Maryann negotiated short sales independently prior to that time. We also have a FREE SHORT SALE EBOOK for your defaulting clients to answer their questions on the short sale process


We have two goals:

  • To teach and provide knowledge for any agent who wishes to handle the cumbersome short sale process on their own so they have enough information to make excellent decisions facilitating their own sale
  • To support agents by being their team member and negotiating their short sales, clearing title, negotiating DOR liens, IRS liens, welfare liens, credit card liens, town city municipal liens, etc. We will work direct with the homeowner to clear the path to short sale approval. We also provide comprehensive valuation education so the listing agent can be fully prepared for the banks review process

We have designed a system for you that will allow you to concentrate more time on getting listings, getting more commissions and saving your precious time! This will not only save you time by not having to worry about all the short sale paperwork, but will allow you to focus on listing and marketing to get the exact buyer needed for the property. Another huge feature for your client is the fact that they will have communication throughout the process with our experienced negotiators while you focus your efforts on getting your property sold!

Short Sale Mitigation will handle the sale PRE-LISTING through to closing (AA Premier Properties, LLC in NH)