Did you know any transfer of REAL PROPERTY in Massachusetts requires legal representation??? At Short Sale Mitigation, LLC in Massachusetts your Loss Mitigation transaction is overseen by a seasoned law firm. They know the ins, outs and pitfalls of default property negotiation in Massachusetts, and will develop a successful short sale contract for you, pull and research title and work with you throughout the sale to ensure a smooth short sale closing.

It’s important you have legal representation throughout the process of your Massachusetts short sale. From the moment your property goes under contract, if you do not already have legal representation, we will provide it for you. We work with some of the best attorneys in New England who understand the unique nature of a short sale and will work with you on interpreting approvals, clearing title, tweaking purchase contract, and so much more.

Sellers shouldn’t have to worry about the added costs for an attorney and 90% of the sales we complete the legal fees are covered out of the proceeds of the sale, so as not to keep an already financially strapped homeowner further in debt.

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