“Dear Maryanne,

Our short sale closed today. I want to Let you know how great both Lisa Easterling and James Pham were to work with. We really appreciate the way both of them handled such a difficult situation for us. They were both so thoughtful and compassionate to what we were going through. Also because of their effort they were able to get us a $10,000. Relocation fee from Ocwen which we are so grateful for!!
Thank you for being such a great team!”

Bailey Road, Andover, MA short sale

“Short Sales are difficult, we all know that. Recently I put Maryann and her company to the test. In January of 2011, I received a referral for a short sale with BOA from a bankruptcy attorney. It was a cute and quirky home which I felt would sell pretty easily, and I was right. Over 2 Years, (not a typo) I put this property under agreement at least 5-6 times. The problem; BOA would not accept any of the offers. They kept jerking us around, countering good offers, requesting BPO’s until the buyer would just give up and move on. I must have had 5 BPO’s plus a Fannie BPO on this property. Each new offer came in lower and lower as both the market and the property’s condition continued to decline. After a while, the only offers I could submit were cash offers from investors as the property had been vacant and winterized for 2+ years and due to it’s deterioration, could no longer be financed. Still the bank kept playing their games. Enter Maryann and Short Sale Mitigation. They took over the negotiations, working with BOA and then starting all over again when the note was sold to Greentree. That was just the 1st of many snags along the way AND I am happy to report that we finally got the property sold on the final day of bank approval. These guys are miracle workers. I highly recommend them as they are professional, persistent and don’t take no for an answer. I was going through a family health emergency this summer and Maryanne and her team took right over so that I could be with my Mom. In the face of this deal not getting done several times, they made it happen. They are a must have for anyone still working short sales in today’s market; especially with tricky situations like this one was.

Thank you Maryann & Julie. Without you, I would have spent countless hours over the past 3 years and would not have seen a penny.

Debbie Jean
EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates
Somerville, MA”
Service Category: Short Sale Negotiation
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Thank you for everyone’s effort during this process. When this whole process started Marilyn promised me that I would put up my Christmas tree in a new place, a place away from all of the negativity and yesterday I did just that.

There are no words to express my unconditional gratitude for all of the time and people it took to complete this. Thank you and wishing everyone a happy and healthy
holiday season!

Alesha B. Haverhill MA

Dear Maryann,

I’m so glad we decided to work with your firm. I can’t tell you what a relief it is that our home sold and closed. You got something done that failed with others and I’m just happy to move on. Thank you again for all you did. We will surely refer anyone we know to you.

Frank R.
Londonderry, NH

Dear Maryann and Julie,

I think I’m in shock that this is over! Almost a full year of emails and waiting and ups and downs and now it’s over? 🙂

Thank you so much for seeing us through this process. Maryann, you were always honest with us about how tough it could have been. We’re so grateful you were willing to fight for us! Even through your surgery!! You are a true fighter as Flavia described you.

Wish we could have met in person but know we are true fans and will be sending friends your way every chance we get!

Take care,
Holly & Dale
Brockton, MA

“Short sales can be challenging. Working with Maryann took a lot of stress off of me. In my business I focus on making sure we get to the closing table. I would recommend to others who are involved in a Short Sale to contact Maryann and her team. She always answered my calls, got me the facts and most importantly got to the closing table. Thanks Maryann and the team for making this happen, it may have taken some time however the sellers are relieved, the buyers have a new home, the bank made more than if they foreclosed.. I call that a WIN-WIN” Call Maryann
Eric Thomas, Realtor/Partner
ETSells Team ~ Keller Williams Realty – Cape Cod, MA

Maryann and her team were the best. Despite the repeated challenges encountered along the way, the tenacity with which they engaged the lender was amazing. They truly went after the short-sale that I desired, and the hours put in to make it happen were well beyond any fee they received. I will be forever grateful for the peace of mind that I now have.

I am truly grateful for all that you and your team did, Maryann. Thanks again

Debra K – Dover NH

Dear Maryann Little & staff of Short sale mitigation;

I want to thank you for your help and patience during the short sale of our home. You hear so many nightmare stories of short sales and you and your staff made the process very easy and stress free. You were always available for questions and really took the time to answer them. Everything turned out as you said. I am thankful for your services. I hope that none of our friends or family has to deal with a short sale but if they do, I will definitely recommend your office.

Miguel W.
Short Sale Seller, Nashua NH

Thank you so much Maryann. You have made this short sale go so smoothly. Your process is great; I like providing the lender with my own BPO at the time of the offer. I liked giving their BPO agent the whole packet and suggesting comps she can use to support. You actually made me a believer in doing home inspection right away.

Elena Kosky
Prudential Verani

Thank you Short Sale Mitigation LLC! You got my wife and I through a very stressful time as we let go of our home. You were on top of everything the whole journey and saved us from foreclosure. We really appreciate you dealing with the bank at all those difficult junctures throughout the process. We can now rebuild our lives. Kudos!

Matt M.
Short Sale Haverhill Massachusetts

The Short Sale Mitigation Team, headed by Maryann Little proved to be invaluable in the completion of my home’s short sale. Paperwork was simplified into palatable, do-able sections and there was always someone just an email away ready to assist and answer any questions I had. I truly feel that without the help I received from Maryann’s team my short sale would have been most likely disregarded and rejected. I highly recommend using Maryann’s short sale litigation team – they aim to insure your short sale is a success. My short sale was accomplished in a mere 3 month span – I never thought that would be possible! Thank you Maryann et al – I’m so glad I didn’t have to broach this alone!

Juanita S. – North Andover, Massachusetts short sale

Hi Maryann, You and Julie provided a good sense of helpfulness during the negotiations. You kept us informed of each process which we appreciated very much. You really worked hard to expedite our closing. Thanks for the help.
Mary & Willis M.
Ossippee, NH Short Sale

It was a pleasure working with Maryann on a recent short sale. She’s a strong believer in COMMUNICATION! I could not have been more pleased with her updates and follow through. It’s extremely important through out the process of a short sale to keep all parties up to date. Yes, I would do business with Maryann and her team on future short sales.
Stephen Cutter, Broker
Nashua New Hampshire Short Sale

We want to thank Maryann Little, Managing Member
VP Short Sale Mitigation for all her assistance and expertise in selling our house through short sale. We are extremely pleased with the amount of time the whole process took. We would absolutely recommend Maryann for your short sale. She worked with our Realtor Danielle Tringali Prudential Verani Realty Londonderry. They worked as a Team, and got the job done!

Thank you both!

Phil & Michelle
Londonderry, NH
Short Sale


We are thrilled with how everything turned out! We can’t thank you enough for your patience and persistence with the banks and with us. The best part of this whole thing was that despite what all of the other companies told us about not being able to do this without being late on payments, you were able to make it happen! As of this month our credit scores were in the high 700s and we were able to rent a beautiful property. I know they will drop because of the Short Sale itself, but the hit will be minimal compared to what it could have been. It’s amazing that the timing of everything just seemed to work out.

My husband and I even talked about becoming more active as Real Estate agents and working with Short Sale properties in the future. Having been through the process now, I think we have a much better understanding of it and could certainly be sympathetic to what the sellers are going through.

I just want to say to you that at the very beginning, I was extremely skeptical of the whole process and had some real doubts about it being possible. My real estate agent was great, but you were the one that convinced me that this could work and put to rest so many of my fears about doing it. I remember he even came out to the house at one point this past summer and told me that I wasn’t going to want to hear what he had to say, but I needed to stop paying immediately, that this deal would go nowhere if I continued to pay. I remember telling my husband, not to discount what he was telling me, but I still really believed after talking to you, that we could do this without having any 30 day lates. Anytime throughout the process that I found myself being discouraged, I would think back to the conversations we had with you and the confidence you had in the process and it would make me feel better and want to continue. I felt you understood that as a Mom, I had a lot of uncertainties about it and that you could relate to my concerns. I honestly think if you were not the one overseeing this whole process I would not have done it.

So, again, we can’t thank you enough for helping us through it every step of the way and for seeing it through to the end, despite all of the roadblocks we encountered. You really have made such a difference in our quality of life and that means so much to us. Seeing how skilled you are at what you do and how sympathetic you are to people’s feelings when going through this process, really makes you and Short Sale Mitigation a great find and my husband and I will be telling everyone we know about our experience with you!

Take Care,

Sue R.
Middleboro, Massachusetts
Short Sale

Thank you for all your work, the fee that seemed to high now seems to low. I do not think this would have come to closing ahead of the auction without your efforts. I will enthusiastically provide your name to those in need of your services. You are as good at what you do as I try to be at what I do.

Jim Doucette,
Bean Group
Buyer’s Agent
North Conway Short Sale

“Short sales. They’re NOT easy. Maryann has the depth of experience and upper-level contacts in the national banks to be able to knock it out of the park when it comes to negotiating short sales. She can think on her feet, is tenacious and does a fantastic job of keeping you up-to-date throughout the process. She has been able to very delicately handle tenuous situations with stressed-out homeowners and I’ve already made several recommendations for other Realtors to use her services. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with her abilities.”
Richard Dale-Mesaros – Realtor – REEN USA

Dorchester, NH Short Sale

“Maryann and Short Sale Mitigation are exactly what all sellers under water need! In an economy that is filled with short sales, sellers who don’t know where to turn and buyers who are fearful of a long and painful transaction – Maryann comes in to save the day! She is a true and consummate professional and expert. Her knowledge of short sales and how to get them done is impressive. As a realtor, she gives me the ability to focus on what I do best, which is marketing and selling the property. I then get to pass my contract along to Maryann to make the magic happen. Navigating a short sale and working with the bank to get it approved is such a skill, Maryann has it down pat. I would never do a short sale without her. Not to mention, she is an absolute pleasure to deal with!!!” January 28, 2012
Danielle Tringali – Verani

Londonderry, NH Short Sale

“I have been working with Maryann representing sellers and lenders she has referred my way for about 6 months and have been impressed with her knowledge base and professionalism since day one. Maryann assists sellers in the short sale of their homes, a process that can be very difficult and emotional for the sellers, as well as scary. Yet with Maryann’s help, I have watched time and again as distressed homeowners are released from the burden of their mortgage while their fears, questions and concerns are all addressed promptly and with compassion and obvious know how by Maryann. She truly cares about her customers and it shows in her dealings with them on every single deal. I would without hesitation recommend Maryann and her company Short Sale Mitigation, LLC to any homeowner in need of a resolution to their under water property, or agent representing a homeowner in this situation.”
Meghan Grugnale, Esq.
Grugnale Law

This will be a new start for me and already I know I’m so much more comfortable here in a normal house. I look forward to being able to secure a new mortgage in a couple of years which should be a little easier without a foreclosure or bankruptcy on our record. Yes I grieve the house a bit, but when I weigh the good and the bad, the good list far out-weighs. Just this morning I said to my daughter, “Next summer we are definitely going to 6-flags, because for the 1st time in years, when I have an extra few dollars I won’t need to spend it on new water pump, plumbing repairs, window repairs, porch, roof, faucets, etc.” I’ll be able to spend a few dollars enjoying life now.
I’d probably have a very large debt following me if not for all your hard work, and so yes, it has definitely been a pleasure working with you.

Deby B.
Dorchester, NH

Our story, like so many other people out there, is a testament to the difficulties facing so many people in our country today. My husband and I were literally being held hostage by a large corporate bank in what felt like a no win situation. We had family and friends telling us to forget trying to sell, to walk away, and declare bankruptcy. We were literally in the last weeks of free time before being forced into foreclosure by the bank. Efforts to work with the bank failed miserably and we were told by the bank that we had exhausted all avenues with them and they were taking our house. Needless to say we were angry and devastated at the same time.

I happened to be driving my son to an activity one day and noticed a sign that said “Chris Buys Houses” with a phone number to call. I figured what the heck, why not give it a try? So I called and spoke to “Chris” who told us he couldn’t help us but he knew of a company, more directly a woman, who had a company working with people in our situation. He asked if it would be alright to contact her and have her get in touch with me. I said yes, after all what could it hurt?

Within an hour, I was receiving a call from Maryann Little from Short Sale Mitigation, LLC / AA Premier Properties, LLC. My very first conversation with her left me with more hope than we had had in over 2 years. She very kindly listened to me ramble on for what must have seemed like hours, late into the afternoon describing our circumstances. She actually took the time to listen and respond to our fears and concerns. More importantly, she had some wonderful advice to offer and let us know that although there was a time crunch, we should not despair. She reassured us that although it felt like things were hopeless, there still may be a glimmer of a chance to halt our impending foreclosure and sell our house.

That first phone call led to a relationship that extends much deeper than business in my husbands and my eyes. Maryann and her team have been a shining light of hope in a very dark time in our lives!! They have been instrumental in helping us to actually come to terms with a very unwilling and unmotivated bank and sell our home on a short sale!! This process has been a long and drawn out battle that started in April of 2010 and will be coming to closure in December!! Through it all, Maryann and her team have been right there for us!! Phone calls have been answered immediately, e-mails and faxes responded to at all times of the day into the night, and the support has been unwavering and amazing!!

Through professional grace and grit, they got us list agent Tom McGuirk who aggressively marketed our home starting in May this year and he got an offer. They met resistance with the bank and pushed right back at them. In essence, they let the bank know they would not be backing down! The outcome has been more than favorable for us in that we have reached an agreement with the bank. The bank will not be pursuing us for any deficiency AND we are getting some funds for relocation fees and an incentive for the sale from the bank. Our home is being sold to another family who will be living in the house and care for it the way it should be. All of this comes with my husband and I not having to fork over thousands of dollars to Short Sale Mitigation. We didn’t have to pay a company that may or may not have been able to meet our needs. The services they provided were covered by the buyer, which is the way I understand they set up all their contracts. They never asked us, the already strapped sellers, to handle their fees in addition to what we were already dealing with!!

The best thing is we are able to walk away with our heads held high knowing that this awful time in our lives is over. All in all, we feel as if we have a chance at a new lease on life and new beginnings that would not have been possible if we had not been put in contact with this amazing company, more directly this amazing woman!! Thank you a million times over couldn’t come close to fulfilling the appreciation we have for all they have done for us!! We will be sending their names and contact information to a our friends and acquaintances who find themselves in the samedisparaging situation we were in for so many months.

Our deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude will always be with them!!


Leslie and Christopher Marsh

Derry New Hampshire Short Sale

Maryann Little and the team are true professionals. Their company name says it all. What I like most about Maryann is that she cares about people. Her knowledge and expertise of the short sale process are second to no one. I would highly recommend their services. – Mike Skafas, Keller Williams Andover

“I had the pleasure of working with Maryann in a transaction where she successfully negotiated a short sale in Maine. Her work ethic and diligence is remarkable. Not only was she on top of the lender, but she kept all parties in the loop regarding the status of the short sale approval. I would highly recommend her to any homeowner in need of an advocate. She is professional, gets the job done, and unbelievably sweet.” Flavia da-Silva Benson, Esq. –

I was asked to pursue a short-sale by a client and thought odds were it was not going to be approved much less close because of the challenges and the demands of the homeowners but I for one do like somewhat of a challenge and agreed to list it and find a negotiator.

I called Short Sale Mitigation to get their opinion. I knew after my first conversation with Maryann Little, I had made the right decision choosing Short Sale Mitigation to handle this difficult short sale transaction.

The transaction had more challenges than your average short sale transaction including two mortgage notes totally over 1.2 million dollars, the property had significantly declined in value and was obviously over-mortgaged from the beginning. Not a very good start to the process but Short Sale Mitigation supplied me with all the support I needed.

Maryann kept in constant contact with me during the negotiation process and I was able to keep my clients at ease about their pending foreclosure. I was kept up-to-date of every problem, success and tedious detail knowing she was working in the best interest of the homeowner at all times. Short Sale Mitigation professionally handled every problem associated with the transaction and was able to successfully negotiate a fair market price for the property, released the homeowners of any future deficiencies on both notes and handled all the closing details.

For a process that by nature is not smooth, Maryann and her team have the ability to iron it out and get it done! The homeowners are now able to move forward with their lives without a foreclosure on their credit records and their credit pending no other problems should be restored in as short as 2 years.

I look forward to working with Maryann knowing that as a real estate agent I will receive the support and my future clients will receive a professional negotiator working on their behalf. Maryann is a tad modest and does not like to be called an expert in her field as it changes daily but she is an expert, she keeps up with all the legal and regulatory changes regarding short-sales and real estate transactions in general.

Cheryl Dwyer
Real Estate Agent
AA Premier Properties, LLC
Weymouth, MA

Cohasset, MA short Sale

Short Sale Mitigation was great to work with in negotiating the short sale for my clients. They went the distance and Maryann was tenacious, staying persistent with a very difficult bank we had to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of listing a short sale or buying a short sale. They are my favorite dynamic duo when it comes to navigating the waters of short sales!

Kim Fowler
The Maine Real Estate Network
Scarborough, ME

Both My wife and myself were facing imminent foreclosure after desparately trying to sell our home over a period of three years that included 5-6 top local brokers, an auctioneer and an attemped short sale. In a last ditch effort to prevent foreclose we enlisted Maryann of Short Sale Mitigation, LLC. Through a highly complicated and skilled negotation she and her team were able to secure a buyer, reduce the amount owed and get a zero deficiency clause from the bank. It provided tremendous relief to our family who can now move on with our lives without having a foreclosure on our record and potential legal repercussions from the outstanding mortgage balance.

As a business person I can safely say Short Sale Mitigation, LLC is highly qualified in successfully reaching a short sale agreement with the most difficult of lenders.

Cohasset , MA

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! You are amazing! From what I have been told, the negotiations with the lender are typically the most difficult part of a short sale. Thanks to you, that was the easiest part of our deal. My attorney was even impressed with you and your team. He has closed a number of short sales and has never seen the bank provide money to the seller towards their relocation. Thanks to your professionalism and extensive knowledge of this process, my family walked away with all deficiencies waved and a little money to pay some bills.
On a personal note, I truly appreciate all the time you spent on the phone with me when I was getting overwhelmed with the challenges from the buyer.
Please feel free to have anyone contact me that would like to speak with someone who has worked with you through this process.
Kelly O. – Homeowner Hampton

Short-sales… more like long-sales! You hear about short-sales a lot in when you’re a full time REALTOR. Being a REALTOR is a tough job and it gets even harder when you have to start talking to banks about approving a homeowner for a short-sale. This is where Maryann Little and her team at Short-sale Mitigation and Rapid Property Relief really came in and saved the day. I was a new agent when I took on my first short-sale. I had no experience with them but the folks at Short-sale Mitigation have years of experience. They specialize in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and they work diligently alongside you the agent to get the job done. Working with Maryann was great because she always kept you in the loop and up to date. The deal we took on together, took some time to complete, but we got the job done. This was good for me because I did not have the known how, resources or time, to negotiate with the multiple lien holders for that particular property. The deal finally closed almost a year after I listed it and we saved the homeowner from going into foreclosure wit full release of deficiency. Working with the folks at Rapid Property Relief was a great experience. Even though it was long and tedious they successfully produced clean title for the future owner of the home. My broker owner always told me that you need an iron gut if you are going to last in real estate, this is very true, but for the busy REALTOR I recommend using a professional wholesaler to make sure your short-sale deal closes.
-Richard Hupper

Thank you so much for all the work and negotiating that you have done for me. I appreciate it more than you can know. I am sorry it didn’t work out the way we were all hoping but I a happy that it is getting done, and very thankful for everything that you have done to help me out. It has made this process alot easier knowing that I had people working for my best interest through all of this.
I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas!
– Jen D – Homeowner – Lawrence

We are all well and settled now. We would like to thank you for all your help and patience in this process. – Nabwire M. – homeowner – Methuen

It was an absolute pleasure working with Rapid Property Relief. As a certified distressed property expert I rarely find other professionals that know how to properly handle and negotiate short sales. Thank you for a smooth and seamless transaction. I appreciate your hard work and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Kristen Blanchet, CDPE
Broker Associate
RE/MAX Prestige
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Fax (978)794-0489
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“Working with Maryann, both as a REALTOR for short sale clients as well as her REALTOR for personal investment, has always been a positive experience. She is professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Her diligence and organization have made our working relationship very successful. Maryann’s communication skills are unparalleled – frequent and effective.

The best part of working with Maryann is her honest desire to help her clients. She goes “above and beyond” to make the short sale process go smoothly, maintaining a positive attitude even in light of some pretty stressful situations.
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a professional. With all the horror stories out there regarding the short sale process, Maryann knows how to ease the burden of the homeowner while protecting them from foreclosure.” –
Tom McGuirk, Weichart Realtors 603-944-6564